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    HOGAN ASPHALT. Our expert asphalt suppliers provide a broad range of asphalt materials that are the ideal choice for any type of surfacing application, from major civil engineering projects to domestic driveways and footpaths.

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    Foamed Asphalt: Links Other Research Reference Library. These pages contain the latest developments in our ongoing foamed asphalt research.

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    Foam asphalt injection is a technique that is used widely in Europe, but has been seldom used in the UnitedStates. Typically reserved for roadways, this process offers many benefits over traditional techniques, including deeper road stabilization, up to 14 inches, and the ability for …

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    Foamed Asphalt • Foamed asphalt was introduced in the 1950’s by Ci • Initially used for stabilization of soils and aggregates • A small amount of cold water is

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    Foamed Asphalt – What is it? The purpose of asphalt foaming is to make it easier for asphalt to disperse into cold RAP and/or granular materials at ambient temperature.

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    1 ABSTRACT With six experienced foamed asphalt stabilization contractors operation in Eastern Ontario, this method of pavement rehabilitation is now commonly used in this part of the province.


    Western Stabilization is the leading road reconstruction company in Northern California. We specialize in Asphalt Pulverization Recycling and Foamed Asphalt Recycling, - and Soil Stabilization, Winterization and Dry-Up of your jobsite, - to add value to your project and to save you time and money.

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    Foamed asphalt is a new cold-in-place road base recycling technology, which is offering public-works agencies new options for road-base stabilization and recycling. The benefits of foamed asphalt-stabilized road bases are so compelling that the City of Los Angeles acquired its own road-base

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    Asphalt roadbuilding costs are under pressure and pretty much everyone – from owners to contractors – agrees on the need to get them under control.

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    FOAMED ASPHALT MIX. PRESENTED BY ARINDAM DEY & PRADIPTA KUNDU HISTORY OF FOAMED ASPHALT In 1889, Nebraska, USA, in full depth repairs, bitumen was added to base course materials to improve the bearing capacity In 1928, August Jacobi from Darmstadt, Germany, produced and patented the first hot bitumen foaming system In 1957, Prof. Ladis Cai ...

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    Products; Cold Material Processing; Foam Mix a unique Asphalt Technology; HISTORY. Foamed bitumen was first patented by Prof. Lladis Cysani at Iowa University in the fifties initially to make roads for the US Army on Pacific islands using only volcanic ash.


    Caltrans Division of Maintenance FULL DEPTH RECLAMATION USING FOAMED ASPHALT June 2012 . FDR-FA is a moisture sensitive material. If a project location has widespread problems with

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    Recycled Pavements Using Foamed Asphalt in Minnesota What Was the Need? Foamed asphalt is formed by injecting small quantities of cold, atomized water under

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    Foamed asphalt is the product of the injection of a predetermined amount of cold water into hot penetration-grade asphalt in a series of individual expansion chambers in a base recycling machine — replacing costly asphalt emulsions

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    The Foamed Asphalt process uses PG grade, hot asphalt oil, that is sprayed with a small amount of water, expanding the asphalt 10 to 20 percent of its volume, enabling it to fully coat the asphalt concrete, base, and subgrade materials it is stabilizing; in addition a small amount of Portland Cement is added which turns the blended materials ...

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    Foamed asphalt is formed by combining hot asphalt binder with small amounts of cold water. When the cold water comes in contact with the hot asphalt binder it turns to steam, which becomes trapped in tiny asphalt binder bubbles (World Highways, 2001 [1]).


    TENDERS. Foamed asphalt meets the quality requirements for hot-mix aggregate. The asphalt specifications and the paved layer remain the same. By observing the recommended procedures, the same laboratory tests and processes can be used.

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    What is Cold In-place Recycling with Foamed Asphalt Recycling the road in place Mill Process and screen Inject water and hot PG liquid simultaneously

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    CR98/077 Foamed Asphalt Mixes - Mix Design Procedure 1 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 General An essential ingredient in the success of the South African pavement industry is the sustained

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    2012-01-26· I produced this for a contractor showing the benefits of the foamed asphalt procedure.

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    Benefits of Foamed Asphalt Stabilization for Roads. Foamed asphalt technology is a timely and cost effective road stabilization solution in which road deterioration can be suspended and costly reconstruction (removal of subbase) avoided.


    2 COLD IN-PLACE RECYCLING WITH EXPANDED ASPHALT MIX (CIR EAM/FOAM) TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION There is a growing interest in sustainability in the area of pavement construction

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    2008-12-12· Road Recycling Corp. utilizes an emerging technology (Foamed Asphalt) that allows the existing pavement of an old road to be re-processed and re-paved allowing between 85% and of a road to be ...

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    Repair work on Ayrton Senna Highway SP-070, which began in June and was completed in November 2013, was one of the first in Brazil to use the foamed asphalt technique with cold RAP (Recycled Asphalt Product).

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    iii Abstract Foamed asphalt stabilized material as a high quality granular base incorporating high percentages of fine fractionated reclaimed asphalt material is investigated.